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K. was born on September 01, 1985 in Birmingham, Alabama. By the age of 5, he and his family headed east to take on the city of Atlanta and claim it as home.  As a youth, he has always had that fire in his eyes and rhythm in his soul to create greatness, and today the object of his affection is his music. In a cut throat industry, his goal is to be heard and to have a voice all over the world.

When asked to describe his music, hip hop creator, K simply had one word, “PROGRESSIVE”. Focusing on his current music projects, he believes that he has nurtured his craft to create a sound that he calls authentic. Influenced by most of hip hops greats such as 2 Pac, Nas, Fabulous  Jay-Z, and Biggie Smalls, who were known for their lyricism, and clever rhymes, K is able to tap into is own creative abilities projecting his own thoughts and dreams into reality.

“For me, being an artist means that you are not limited. I love to tap into every element of art, rather it be music, poetry, photography, or theater. Where ever there is an opportunity for creativity, I find inspiration and influence.”

This is the stuff that great musicians are made of, the ability to think outside the box long enough to tap into different elements of the artistic world to evoke that thought in others to do something great, something they believe in.

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