Hip-Hop Rumors: Guess Who May Be Running Def Jam Next?

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You know that dude in the middle?

The name is Steve Rifkind. He’s one of the greats, y’all. He brought us Loud Records and all the groups with it, ranging from Mobb Deep to Akon to Asher Roth to Big Pun to Wu Tang and then some. I mean, classics…and more classics. Shoot, Killarmy!

Well, Def Jams president, Joie IE (Joie Manda) has quit and gone over to Interscope. Guess who I am hearing is on deck to replace him? You guessed it! Steve Rifkind! From what I recall, Riffy has been working on quite a few act at SRC, his new venture. But, I’m hearing he may be lulled over to Def Jam. He really is a pioneer in the game in many ways. You have to google that on your own.

Anyway…that’s the rumor.

Do you think that’s a good idea? Rifkind as president?

They keep us talking…

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